Thursday, April 30, 2009

What is the integrative approach to ending phobias?

Understanding the physiology of the fear response makes us less likely to misinterpret our symptoms, thereby preventing the development of phobic avoidance behavior and stopping our anxiety from spiraling out of control. A clear understanding of what you body is doing and why may have prevented your first phobic attack, particularly if you were also able to control your apprehensions about what others were thinking about you at the moment. There is one medical way to overcome phobia by "The Benzodiazepine". This system is an extensive network of linked neurons capable of modulating and supressing neuronal excitement throughout the brain. When drugs known as benzodiazepines bind to the Gamma=Aminobutyric Acid Neuronal System (GABA) receptors, the GABA neurons activate, thereby inhibiting the anxiety and panic response and causing muscle relaxation (B. H. Arthur & M.D. James 2005)

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