Saturday, April 4, 2009

The types of phobias

When it comes to the point of getting know the types of phobias, many people thought there are no types of phobias. This is because they think phobia is only one thing. Thing that we scared and afraid but here the explanation of the types of phobis. Yes, there are many types of phobias with the categories along. There are social phobia, agoraphobia and specific phobia. People might wonder what is 'agoraphobia'? Because it sounds unfamiliar. Let me explain it in details before we go further. 'Fear' is the key to the explanation of agoraphobia. From my reading, Agoraphobia by Clarke J.C. and Wayne W. , the fears attack their confidence and lead to the perpetuation of avoiding routines. That is mean, agoraphobia is a feeling of getting feared to do normal people do and thus agoraphobia sufferer will avoid the normal activities such as shopping, swimming and others. However, there are treatments in recovering phobia sufferers with some techniques that will be discussed further.

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