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hi my dear friend,how are u all?wokey for your information,there are many types of fobia.fobia divided into 5 group such as simple phobia,complex phobia, sosial phobia, panic attacks and agraphobia.Let's,me explain the defination of this kind of fobia.Simple phobia is fear of a single stimulus such as fear of heights ladders and frog.Complex phobia is fear of a number of stimuli.In fear of flying,like inccident of crashing.sOSIALphobia is simply put when u come out with public speaking.Panic attacks,is panic attack can be quite terrifying ordeal unless you understand what is going on and why it is going on.Agoraphobia is literaly fear of thr market place and up toa decade or so ago,the term was used to describe people who afraid of open spaces

Sunday, February 22, 2009

long discussion about phobia...

hi my dear friends...
looks like we as group had done the discussion about what is the meaning of phobia and types of phobia. seem likes we already understand what is phobia and kind of phobia. overall, we get quite the same meaning of phobia. also we have know all the type of phobia. i read and find lots of articles about phobia and i can see all of us really understand what is phobia from all the posts we've done.
Azrin, i really love to read all your comments. you find lots of articles about phobia. I really agreed with you. From the article that I read, I get more information. For your information, the psychologists and psychiatrists classified most phobia into 3 categories, social phobia or also known as social anxiety disorder, specific phobia and agoraphobia.
Let me explain the three categories.

The first category which is social phobia or social anxiety disorder is fears involving other people or social situations such as performance anxiety or fears of embarrassment by scrutiny of others, such as eating in public. Social phobia are divided into two which is:
a) generalized social phobia, and
b) specific social phobia, which are cases of anxiety triggered only in specific situations. The symptoms may extend to psychosomatic manifestation of physical problems. For example, sufferers of paruresis find it difficult or impossible to urinate in reduced levels of privacy. That goes beyond mere preference. If the condition triggers, the person physically cannot empty their bladder.

The second category is specific phobias which is fear of a single specific panic trigger such as spiders, snakes, dogs, elevators, water, waves, flying, balloons, catching a specific illness, etc.

The last category is agoraphobia which is a generalized fear of leaving home or a small familiar 'safe' area, and of possible panic attacks that might follow.

These all categories include all the kind of phobia that was discussed by all of us in our past comments. I thinks, if the phobias is categorize like this by the psychologists will make easier for the people to understand.

As we know in our last class for English we've done the random sampling as the assignment for our blog topic. overall, after we've done the interview, we can conclude that some people have lots of information about phobia and some really do not know anything about phobia. There are people who thought that phobia is kind of hysteria. People who have some education about humanistic have learn about the phobia. Mostly of the people that we interviewed admitted that they had experienced phobia especially the agoraphobia and social phobia.

That's all for now.I will continue post more comment later.
Thanks, XOXO.

Saturday, February 21, 2009


In my point of view,phobia is more actually to fearness when see sumthing or sitution which give impact to the victim and also fear sumthing which happen again.There are many type of phobia like agrofhobia(fear to height place).ofidophobia(fear to public speaking),eosophobia(fear to sun),one interesthing is hipppopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia(fear to long word]

Monday, February 16, 2009


hi my dear friend,in my point of view is phobia is one of the dieasas that sufering most 95 percent people in this world.Phobia have many kind of category like akrofobia.Many people have try to cure this diases but little of them ,have failed.Althogh fobia is nit dangerous diasess but it still affect the emosi of people.in next discuss,we will discuss more about the phobia.


hi my dear friend.fobia is one of the thing that almost 95 percentage of people suffering from this diasases.There have many of fobia.fobia is one of the interesthing topic to discuss,such as a akrofobia and many more.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

~DeTaIL AbOut PhObiA~

Hai my friend….have a nice day today….in my search in psychology.about.com/od/phobias/f/dis_phobiadef.htm that web give me more detail about phobia and I want to show all of you. First coment in blog about phobia I’m not give detail about phobia right now I show you guys.

Definition phobia is According to the American Psychiatric Association, a phobia is an irrational and excessive fear of an object or situation. In most cases, the phobia involves a sense of endangerment or a fear of harm. For example, those suffering from agoraphobia fear being trapped in an inescapable place or situation. That have symptoms of phobia is can occur through exposure to the fear object or situation, or sometimes simply thinking about the feared object can lead to a response. Common symptoms associated with phobias include: Dizziness,Breathlessness ,Nausea,A sense of unreality ,Fear of dying
In some cases, these symptoms can escalate into a full-scale anxiety attack. As a consequence of these symptoms, some individuals begin to isolate themselves, leading to severe difficulties in daily life. In other cases, the individual may seek out medical care due to a constant concern with imagined illnesses or imminent death. In my search many of types of phobia-There are three types of phobias: Social phobias—fear of social situations,Agoraphobia—fear of being trapped in an inescapable place or situation, Specific phobias—fear of a specific object (such as snakes).

Now I know There are four major types of specific phobias: first,-The natural environment—fear of lightening, water, storms, etc.-Animal—fear of snakes, rodents, spiders, etc.-Medical—fear of seeing blood, receiving injections, visiting a doctor, etc.-Situational—fear of bridges, leaving the home, driving, etc. that shoe me prevalence of phobis is Phobias are actually quite common, affecting more than 10% of the U.S. population. Phobias are the most common mental disorder in the United States, but far more women than men are affected by phobias. In many cases, people are able to recognize that their fear is irrational and therefore take steps to overcome their phobia. According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, only about 10 percent of reported cases become life-long phobias.

In information that have treatment for Phobia I can tell you there are a number of treatment approaches for phobias. The effectiveness of a treatment depends on the individual and the type of phobia. These are just a few potential phobia treatments:
In exposure treatments, the patient is exposed to the fear object in order to help them overcome their fear. One type of exposure treatment is flooding, in which the patient is confronted by the fear object for an extended length of time without the opportunity to escape. The goal of this method is to help the individual face their fear and realize that the fear object will not harm them. Another method often used in phobia treatment is counter-conditioning. In this method, the patient is taught a new response to the fear object. Rather that panic in the face of the feared object or situation, the client learns relaxation techniques to replace anxiety and fear. This new behavior is incompatible with the previous panicked response, so the phobic response gradually fades. Counter-conditioning is often used with patients who are unable to handle exposure treatments.

That web help me to know more about phobia and want we have phobia we can lose that with we go to treatment. Insyaallah we can lose phobia. That all what is phobia can I show you guys…….

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Hello phobia....

i'm go to web from arzida information....
so many definition about phobia....
that give we more knowledge about phobia....

to information you all i'm have experience about phobia...
what can we do about them...

Many people remember clearly the moment their phobia started.
A painful, frightening, or embarrassing experience in youth is often to blame...

more think about phobia....


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that is my comment
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my discussion about phobia.

hi my dear friends,
go to this url : medicinenet.com
hope u all can go to this web
it provide lots of information about our topic.

this web said that,
phobia is An unreasonable sort of fear that can cause avoidance and panic.
Phobias are a relatively common type of anxiety disorder.

this definition is close 2 my definition in my last comment
which i read from the wikipedia page.

Dryden-Edwards,MD said define that phobia is the unrelenting fear of situation, activities or things that causes someone to want to avoid it.
from this article i get some information about this topic.
there are many types of phobia.let me list it.
1. social anxiety disorder such as fear of public speaking
2. agrophobia- fear of open spaces
3. coulrophobia-fear of close-in spaces
4. coulrophobia-fear of clowns
5. aerophobia-fear of flying
6. fear of blood
7. zoophobia-fear of animals
8. fear of commitment
9. fear of driving
10. acrophobia-fear of heights
11. archnophobia-fear of insects especially spiders
12. aichmophobia-fear of needles
13. opnidiophobia-fear of snakes
14. mysophobia-fear of germs
15. dentophobia-fear of having dental check-up

from the list, i make a conclusion that since there are many types of phobia,
sometimes people really no aware that they do suffer phobia or not.
this is because the level phobia that one suffer is not the same with others.
so that is why people do not realize that they actually had phobia problem.
for example, i,m afraid of insects but i don't notice that i am actually suffer from archnophobia.
i only realize after i reading this article.

you guys should read this article because it contains lots of information about health and especially about our topic.

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what is phobia

assalammualaikum all my friend...
this week to answer what is a phobia right...
in my search, so many definition about phobia..
A. Turkington give a phobia is an intense, unrealistic fear, which can interfere with the ability to socialize, work, or go about everyday life, that is brought on by object,
event or situation.

in their Description

just about everyone is afraid of something on , upcoming job interview or
being alone outside after dark. I way to share to my friend in my search about 18%
of all American are formented by irrational fears the interfere with their daily lives.
They are "crazy" they know full. Well their fears are unreasonable but they can not control
the fear. these people have phobia.

Phobia belong to a large group of mental problems known as "anxiety disorders"
that include obsessive compulsive disorder ( OCD ), panic disorder , and posttraumatic stress disorder. phobia themselve can be devided into there specific types:

1. specific phobia ( formerly called " simple phobia " )
2. social phobia
3. agrophobia

that is my answer of phobia....

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our objectives for this blog..and the questions that will be discussed..

Objectives of the blog:
~To give information about phobia
~To explain how the feeling of severe phobic
~To share the ways to get relief from phobia

Questions to achieve the objectives:
~What is phobia?
~What are the example of phobias?
~Where do phobia come from?
~What does a severe phobic response feel like?
~How do phobia sufferers typically seek relief?
~What medical means can supportrecovery from phobias?
~How does healing begin for phobias and related emotional illnesses?

Friday, February 6, 2009

What is phobia?...

This week we will discuss about this question..
Give your words here..
Let's do some critical thinking..
on this topic!!!..=)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

about phobia..

hello my dear friends..
today i found an article in wikipedia about phobia..
i forgot the url..sorry..
but i will post to the blog later okay...
the article is quite interesting..
it's discuss about what is phobia..
from my reading, i make a conclusion about ehat is phobia..
from the article i know that the word phobia is actually taken from the Greek "phobos"
which mean fear.
the article said that phobia is the form of anxiety disorder.
so i think that phobia is irrational continuously fear of some situations or conditions which make
the people who suffered phobia feel afraid of some kind situations and afraid to do any activities that link to the situation that they fear of.
this fear feeling ill make the person out of control when facing what they afraid of and this fear
will disturb and interfere the person's daily life.
this what i understand a bit about phobia.
i will find another article and share with all of you.
so i hope all of you will comment what i said okay..
alright, its really late at night..
i'm going to sleep.
i wiil write again later..

about phobia...

about phobia..

hello my dear friends...
today i found an article in wikipedia about phobia
i forgot the url..sorry..
but i will post the url later ok..
the article is quite interesting..
it's about what is phobia..
from my reading i make a conclusion about what is phobia.
from the article i know that phobias are the form anxiety disorder.
the word phobia was taken from Greek "phobos" which mean fear.
from my reading i think phobia is kind of anxiety disorder which is irrational continuous fear
of some situations or conditions

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

to share answer

hai hai hai hai hai
miss u all...
wah wah syaza get A for this subject.....
that good....i'm support you...
support me to improve my English Language...
Arzida i want to see your acticles for this topic....
have you find the topic acticles...

I try to answer your question Syaza....
kind of phobia????
I din't know right or wrong...
so many kind about phobia..
for example...
Theologiphobia, Kolpophobia, Aerophobia, Methyphobia,
Potophobia, Amnesiphobia, Oenophobia, Octophobia,
Cyhophobia, Cutraphobia, Hylephobia, Coulrophobia and other.......

you can ask me what the meaning...