Tuesday, March 31, 2009

added points on phobia.

syaza, i agree with you. phobia suferers can't do so many activities due to their fearness to something. like you just said, if a father fear to water then the son also can't do splashing with his father. this really hard for the sufferers family. pity to them. this is because when someone fear to something, then the family members also have to avoid from doing activities that can relate to what the phobia suferer fear to.


Now let us discuss more about phobia. As we have done the discussion on the causes of phobia, so let us see if there any treatments or medication for phobia suferers. I've read lots of articles about the treatments for phobia. From the articles, i get lots of information on how to overcome phobia. As we know, phobia is kind of serious disease. A phobic will suffer very badly to overcome phobia, but the scientists and psychologists have discovered methods or treatments to overcome phobia so that phobia can be treated. The treatments are based on psychological and medical methods. The first treatment is Positive Reinforcement which using the concept imitation. This is because, people learn best when they can observed and try to imitate the model. For example, the doctor will force people who afraid of cats to see other people playing with and petting the cats. By observing this actions, phobias against cats can be cured. The second treatment is Systematic Desencitization. this treatment is focusing on 3 steps which is Identification, Relaxation, and Desencitization. In identification step, the phobia suferer was asked to identify the kind of phobia that he or she suffered, the level of the phobia and causes of the phobia. Then in the second step which is relaxation, the doctor or psychologist wiil help and advice the phobia suferers to get relax or be calm when facing what they fear of. In the last step which is Desencitization, the phobic will have to face what they fear of in many ways so that they will not afraid to what they fear of anymore. The Third treatment is ognitive Behavioural Therapy. This treatment is using 3 techniques which is the first one is Didactic component. This phase will helps to set up positive expectations for therapy and promote the phobia sufferer's cooperation. Second is Cognitive component, it helps to identify the thoughts and assumptions that influence the person's behavior, particularly those that may predispose him or her to being phobic and the third one is Behavioral component, this employs behavior-modifying techniques to teach the individual with a phobia more effective strategies for dealing with problems. The next treatment is Selective Serotonin Reactive Inhibator. This treatment often use if the CBT treatment are not effective. This medication affect level of serotonin in the brain. Drug will be use to low the level of serotonin in the brain. So when the phobic face their phobias, they will not get panic badly and help the phobic to be calm. But this treatment cause common side effects such as dry mouth, sexual dysfunction, sleeping problem and more. The last treatment is Beta-Blocker. this treatment will helps to block the effect that adrenalin has on the body such as propanol. These disorder are less commonly treated with drugs in a medication class known as "Benzodiazepines". With all kind of treatment that have been doscovered by the sceincetists and phychologists, phobia can be treated. so the phobia suferers should not be worried as there are lots of treatments to overcome phobia.

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